Special Needs Dental Care

Children with special needs require extra attention from parents in their everyday lives. The situation can be quite challenging for both the parents and healthcare experts who are tending to them. When it comes to the oral health of such children, it is found that they face approximately twice the number of unmet dental issues in comparison to that of children without special needs. Hence, getting the child treated by a professional pediatric dentist would become highly essential in this regard.

Who are children with special needs?

According to the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children with developmental issues related to physical, mental or behavioral aspects are referred to as children with special needs. They usually require extensive dental treatment as they experience a limitation in their physical activity. Moreover, their overall health could affect the growth and alignment of the teeth. Only experienced and well-trained dentists, such as Dr. Sonia Lim, would be able to treat such special-need children in the most effective way possible.

Common oral issues

Children with genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome or Turner’s syndrome could face certain oral issues that other children don’t. Sometimes, the eruption of teeth could be delayed by a few months. In extreme cases, the delay can even be up to a couple of years. In some children, the teeth may be misshapen or there could be a few extra unwanted teeth. Malocclusion is a common issue among children with special needs. Also, they would be more susceptible to oral infections and gum diseases.

Oral care at home

Ensuring the child doesn’t develop any oral infection is very important. Keep an eye on the food habits of the child, especially the sugary food intake. This can be a driving cause for the formation of cavities as the microbes feed off the sugary content left in the mouth. Further, parents should stay by their side and guide them while brushing their teeth. Since children with special needs require a little extra physical help, it would be great if patients brush their children’s teeth for them. Make sure you get rid of the food debris and microbes from all the remote corners of the mouth. Choose a soft bristle toothbrush for them as their gums would be too soft and could easily sustain damage.

Professional dental care

When you bring your child for a dental consultation, we would understand the condition of the child and respond accordingly. The child needs loving hands to tend to them, which makes the procedure easier and more effective. We would look into various factors such as the growth of the teeth, jawbone health, presence of cavities, gum health, alignment of the teeth, etc. Based on the observations made, we would suggest the right treatment methods to tend to them.


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